Quality Standards

Adhya Technoforge is an approach to quality based on sound principles with a focus on customer needs. We believe that good quality is a natural product of a stable process and therefore it is important to improve the efficiency of the process to improve the quality.

Our critical inspections are implemented at three-level a) incoming material inspection, b) process inspection, and c) final product inspection. We work in accordance with the ISO 9001/2015 management system. We have the following devices for testing and inspection purposes.

Research & Development:

Adhya Technoforge calls for continuous improvement, all manufacturers need to adopt value analysis and lean processing method for a critical, structured approach, while at the same time allowing latitude for creative success. In line with this expectation, Awadh Forge Pvt. Ltd. Strives to bring opportunities for continuous improvement and cost reduction to the customer while increasing the value of the entire business relationship. And for this, we have focused a lot on research and development.

Quality Objectives

We believe that quality is the most important element for recognition and customer trust is the most important. We always produce quality products for our customers. Our quality conscious approach combined with technological methods has enabled us to comply with regulatory and statutory standards in our production.

We consider three elements for the overall quality of the company's services.

  • Freedom and purpose
  • Technical and scientific quality
  • Practical benefits to customers